The Grimoire Chronicles EP


The Grimoire Chronicles vol. 1 - The Ritual

The Grimoire Chronicles EP


The Grimoire Chronicles vol. 2 - The Arrival

The Grimoire Chronicles EP


Unholy Union of Flesh & Metal


Founded in 2019. Omramoryth started as an instrumental symphonic black metal project.

Soon after I finished the first EP "The Grimoire Chronicles Vol 1.", which in its entirety was solely an instrumental black metal album with symphonic influences, I started experimenting with a bunch of different genres and implementing them slowly into the Omramoryth compositions.

It didn't take long until the death metal roots started growing, such influences were evident on "The Grimoire Chronicles Vol 1." already, and the songs that followed were purely inspired by 90's and modern death metal acts, such as: Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Rivers of Nihil etc.

To further experiment and expand upon the already established death metal concepts, Bruno Longfield joined as a vocalist on the two songs which were featured on the second Omramoryth EP "The Arrival"" and his amazing vocals were the precise thing that was missing.

To keep things interesting and fresh, at the end of 2021. , Omramoryth embarked on a new escapade - to record a 4 song EP inspired by the Doom 2016. soundtrack and the overall sound design of the game.

At the end of 2022. the aforementioned and long awaited Doom inspired EP has been released. It's available for streaming on all major streaming platforms and on Omramoryth's official YouTube channel.

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