Passage into the Xexanotth

by Chthe'ilist

Author's Note

Chthe'ilist is a Canada based band with otherworldly death metal landscapes. Blending melody, brutality and technicality so effortlesstly while creating lyrical storylines worthy of a Tolken-esque movie adaptation.

This is a very weird release to represent this band, it's basically an EP with two songs.
One is an original song and the second one is the Crematory cover.

But this is, in my personal opinion, the best introduction into this band.

The title track "Passage Into The Xexanotth" is 6 minutes and 43 seconds of death metal roller coaster filled with twists and turns, melodies, hooks and chaotic, yet composed and balanced rhyhtmical dance.

Another huge part of this song, which is also the main reason why I suggest checking out their previous releases, is the lyrics. Quality and almost poetically written lyrics in death metal are rare to find and it's really hard to write decent lyrics in this genre. That isn't the issue with this band.

The storyline described in this song is something off of the blockbuster Hollywood movie - except the fact it's actually good. So descriptive and vivid, easy to invision and put yourself into. I was flabbergasted.
It's not initial evident or easy to distinguish, beneath all the crushing layers of death metal, but I would encourage anyone to read the lyrics and try to follow along with the song.


Vivid are the memories of the sound of winds wailing through dead leaves, almost covering up the echoing, sickening sounds of mastication. Delving deeper into the woods, the corridor of dead trees grow narrow. The scent of rotting bark now unbearable as the bowels of the Xexanotth swallows me. Wallowing through membranes of digestive secretions, I stand alone amidst a circle of deformed shapes. Piercing the shadows, the moonlight reveals decayed remnants of men melded.
A distant, echoing scream of terror breaks the nightly silence and echoes across the plains out from the distant woods. Because my curiosity gets the best of me, I dismount my horse and decide to investigate the source of the sound. As soon as I wander off the main trail and into an off-road path, defeaning silence falls upon the land. Neither the sound of crickets nor the sighing of the soft evening breeze can be heard in the dead of the night. Reaching a clearing, I can just barely see a great wall of dead, withered trees through the mist, that stretches out to the horizon.

Basically, the band's lyrics are based on a shared fictional lore with Atramentus & Eternity's End. In their early days, they wrote about Majora Mythos, but now they have an ongoing conceptual storyline that they follow and further develop.

To summarise, Chthe'ilist's music is a soundtrack for a Tolken-esque movie adaption - if Tolkien was a goth.
If you enjoy any of those, you'll love their music. I highly suggest giving this band a chance.