Sulphuric Disintegration

by Of Feather And Bone

Author's Note


I'll say it right away. I'm biased (a sucker) when it comes to this type of death metal arrangements, proceed with caution and take it with a grain of salt.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, this 3 piece band made an astounding transition from a more hardcore punk sound to a well defined and stunning death metal sound. Being a musician myself, I find this switch admirable.

The first time I heard their 2020. release, it resonated with me so much that I had to buy a CD.
Which I haven't done in a long time. You can see it in all its glory right here.

In short, it's 6 tracks of relentless death metal.

The visceral ferocity with which this album bludgeons you while delivering well thought out death metal ideas is beyond fascinating to me. This record went above and beyond my expectations.

Fast blast beats - checked
Chaotic guitar solos - checked
Crushing guitar riffs - checked
Stinky bass lines - checked
Hellhound growls - checked
Chilling ambient - checked
Weird noise sounds - checked
Old school death metal production - checked

What amazes me the most about this record are the catchy hooks that are able to emerge from the chaotic layers of death metal. It reminded me a lot of early Death records, where Chuck would manage to create memorable choruses within the context of a blistering death metal song.

Regarding originality and authenticity, many of the death metal purist would argue if there is any on this record. To me, it doesn't necessarily matter and it isn't the case here.

Of Feather And Bone provide top quality death metal while being experimental enough to keep everything condensed, cohesive and meaningful. Sulfuric Disintegration is a step in the right direction that only strenghtens their evolution into a more death metal direction.

To summarise, Of Feather And Bone is slowly but safely becoming one of the most interesting acts of the US death metal scene and any fan of metal music shouldn't sleep on this record.