Implements of Excruciation

by Warp Chamber

Author's Note

I stumbled upon Warp Chamber while I was casually scrolling through the Profound Lore Records list of bands and I made the mistake of reading the reviews before I listened to the record myself.

Boy, oh boy, do people have mixed feelings about this one.

For me, this record is the embodiment of fun and careless death metal. They are not trying to re-invent the wheel or act all progressive and technical, they just want to compose crushing riffs with thrilling hooks and a pretty cool ambient atmosphere wrapped around it. On top of that, their lyrics revolve around science fiction.
I was instantly hooked.

This record starts of with the song Abdication of the Mind.

The first thing you hear is a wicked scream, prefaced with a fast drum fill and followed by a pretty fast blast bea(s)t accompanied with tremolo picked and heavy guitar riffs.
So far, they've checked all the boxes on my "What I want to hear in a death metal song" checklist.

As the album continued marching with its ramped and crushing pace, I couldn't help but to think of Blood Incantation, Tomb Mold and Nucleus and their fun, yet layered and well composed modernisation of the 90's death metal.
If you're a fan of those bands, you'll find at least something worthy to listen to in a Warp Chamber discography.

The vocal or production style might be a little rought at first, especially for the extreme metal newcomers or the ones not used to a more loose production and primal sounding death metal.
I'd encourage those people to stick with the record. In my opinion, once you get pass those bumps in the road, you'll be able to notice a lot of little and exciting details hidden away underneath the rough death metal layers.

To summarise, this record is a must listen for a death/extreme metal fan (especially old school death metal ).